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María Escuer est une référence dans le domaine du mentoring, experte dans la reconversion professionnelle, les relations interpersonnelles et la business stratégie. Elle est reconnue à l’international pour la création des méthodes “LEADEM”. Ces méthodes de management bienveillant répondent notamment aux problématiques des entreprises touchées par le turn-over (rotation des effectifs) et par le désengagement de leurs employés qualifiés.


Leadem Maria Escuer- experte en accompagnement professionnel et reconversion professionnelle- fondatrice de leadem
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The LEADEM methodology
is based on a triangle of 3 values




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Strategic Management and Soft Skills for Executives and +

We treat this training (seminar) of “Strategic Management and Soft Skills” from a professional point of view, however all the learning acquired during the course can be applied also in any kind of personal situation. In order to improve performance, we help you step by step to approach and implement the top 10 Soft Skills, which are the most important soft skills in companies today:

Emotional Intelligence – Conflict Resolution N Negotiation – Savoir-Vivre – Empathy – Leadership and Social Influence – Analytical Reasoning and Innovation – Active Learning Techniques – Proactivity, Creativity and Critical Thinking – Reasoning and Problem Solving

More details on Soft Skills

Coaching for Leaders :

  • institutions to improve the performance of their teams by applying the Leadem method of employee engagement. A team’s financial results depend 80% on their satisfaction within the team.
  • Coaching Leaders in companies and institutions to progress, achieve their professional objectives (without forgetting the personal context), position themselves within the company, achieve professional recognition and establish relationships of trust with the top executive (CEO, COMEX…)

Strategic Management

Why call on us?

Resolution of the problems revealed by the following figures :

70% of millennial employees are looking for a position elsewhere from their first year in the company.
47% of talent in a company is currently looking for another job.
40% of permanent contracts end before the end of the first year.
40% failed recruitments per year.
145% more freelancers in the last 10 years.
16% the average turnover rate
125% of annual salary is the cost of poor recruitment
300% the cost of strategic recruitment

But the good news is that with a strategic management thought and implemented in this sense:
21% more profitability on average. When employees are satisfied, they perform well together!

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En 3 mots, notre METHODOLOGIE D’ANALYSE est:




Practical training to support teams and employees

Satisfied Talents in their company

Improvement of Manager / Employee Relationships

Personal / Professional Development

Personal / Professional Development

Optimization of the company’s budget

Recruitment of strategic and high quality profiles #Leademvalues

Attraction and Sustainable Talent Retention

Improvement of the Profitability of the Company

Fewer Failed Recruitments and Turn-Overs

Acquisition by the company of a LEADEM LABEL 

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