A Propos de Maria

María Escuer est une référence dans le domaine du mentoring, experte dans la reconversion professionnelle, les relations interpersonnelles et la business stratégie. Elle est reconnue à l’international pour la création des méthodes “LEADEM”. Ces méthodes de management bienveillant répondent notamment aux problématiques des entreprises touchées par le turn-over (rotation des effectifs) et par le désengagement de leurs employés qualifiés.


Leadem Maria Escuer- experte en accompagnement professionnel et reconversion professionnelle- fondatrice de leadem
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Leadem Maria Escuer

Maria Escuer – Founder of LEADEM

Political scientist, Lecturer,

Expert in Human Relations and Professional Development

Maria Escuer – Her story

Maria Escuer is an expert, but above all passionate, about Human Relations and International Relations. For her, two inseparable fields: “I have always been convinced that behind the most terrible conflicts there were always two people who hadn’t taken the time to get to know each other.”

After almost 10 years in the world of International Relations, working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, the European Union in Brussels, Geneva, London and Paris, Maria wants to create a more direct impact in people’s lives, especially through their professional fulfillment. She recovers her past experience in a large headhunting firm and completes an Executive MBA (IE Business School)  focusing on the world of finance and entrepreneurship.

She then created “LEADEM Mentoring”, an organization whose mission is to support talented people in their professional reconversion or to help them position themselves and develop within their own company. In this way, she gives meaning to the human values she has held since the beginning of her career and a concrete role to her expertise.
She also created Women’s Leader by LEADEM, a professional to international women’s network, as well as LEADEM Mentors, which supports the talents of tomorrow. All based on the 3 values of the LEADEM triangle.

She is now mainly dedicated to individual professional coaching known as “Mentoring”, to strategic management consulting in companies and conducts seminars in universities and companies.

In her Parisian offices, María Escuer develops methods to meet the growing need for executive coaching.

Many qualified profiles want to improve their quality of life and find a job that suits them, in which they believe and which corresponds to their expectations. As a result, they are increasingly “looking for professional transition”.

LEADEM Mentoring has been tailor-made for them, to support them and enable them to achieve their goals with confidence.

Thanks to María’s excellent listening, analytical and situational understanding skills, she has developed strong bonds of trust with all her colleagues, clients, CEOs and directors.

Maria Escuer has always advised, assisted and supported them in decision-making and strategic management and she continues to do so. This is her passion.